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New Book from Dr. Pamela Owens!

Dr. Pamela J. Owens' newest book, Poisoned! What You Don't Know About Heavy Metals Is Killing You!, is a must read for all. The health consequences from heavy metal toxicity are occurring at epidemic rates.

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With over 27 years of experience, Dr. Owens has seen the dangers of heavy metal toxicity in her day-to-day practice as a Functional Medicine expert in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. She has a deep passion for helping people and uncovering the root of their pain. As she shares in her book, “None of us are exempt from the slow but cumulative deteriorating changes in health that result from being exposed to heavy metals year after year [ . . .] Many of us are told that our health problems are the result of normal disease process or just come with old age, or genetics – the list of possible misdiagnoses goes on and on. What many are not aware of are the invisible dangers that exist in our everyday lives.”

Speaking of the book, Dr. Roy Heilbron, a renowned Cardiologist and researcher shares, “Dr. Owens’ book is a breakthrough encapsulation of a modern day epidemic. Dr. Heilbron’s knowledge in the industry is well known as the TACT Research Team lead who conducted a $31 million National Institute of Health, double blind chelation trial was a direct result of detoxification of heavy metals, especially lead.

Being aware that heavy metals may play a role in fatigue, chronic illness and pain, many seek Dr. Owens’ assistance. As a Functional Medicine expert, she has helped numerous patients find health and a pain free lifestyle again.
After 27 years of experience, Dr. Pamela Owens is looking forward to the launch of her new book as a guide for many of the patients she sees on a day to basis at her practice in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina stating that, “Most of my patients have been to a minimum of 6 doctors with no answers and no options only to find the simple process of detoxification is the answer they have been searching to find.