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I have had pain in several parts of my body for over 15 years.  My first problem was my knees at age 45.  Sixteen years ago I had an operation on my right knee, which helped but not completely.  Six years ago I had an operation on my left knee, and that last operation was ineffective.

I also have had plantar fasciitis in both feet for many years, muscle pain in my upper thighs and arms, numbness in my right hand, off and on lower back pain, herniated discs, and buzzing in my neck.  I have slight arthritis in my knees and hip, and I also found out that I had restless leg syndrome (RLS) that completely went away after using magnesium suggested by Dr. Owens.

I felt embarrassed to tell a doctor about my pain because it was literally all over my body and changed location from day to day.  My former doctor recommended weight lost.  That was certainly good advice, but all my problems originally started in my early forties when I was actively walking 6 miles a day and regularly participating in aerobic and yogi exercises.  I was not a couch potato ever.  My weight gain started after my physical activities had to be curtailed due to pain.  I believe the knee problems and plantar fasciitis threw my body off and affected my entire body over time.  As a teacher, I found it hard to be on my feet all day, and I even considered getting a walker at one point.

Regarding the buzzing in my neck, I had physical therapy for posture, and that mostly put an end to that problem.  Once in awhile it comes back when I do too much computer work and neglect my posture in doing so.  I have learned that posture is very important.

I went through treatments for my herniated discs in NJ using the DMX 9000 spinal decompression machine about 3 years ago, just before moving south.  I found no significant relief from that.  To be fair, I was in the middle of packing at that time, so the treatment might not have done as much good as it could have.  I also made matters worse after coming here by doing intense gardening and other household tasks related to moving.

I had the Manipulation Under Anesthesia with Dr. Owens this past fall (November).  It immediately helped my nighttime pain while sleeping.  I had not been able to sleep in any other position except on my back for 15 years.  I had been experiencing pain throughout the night in my thighs and upper arms that disturbed my sleep patterns.  If I tried to sleep on my side I would experience pins and needles in my arms within minutes.  Since the MUA (5 months ago) I have had little to no problem with nighttime pain.  The pins and needles no longer occur, and I can change my position at night without waking up in pain.

My lower back and upper thighs continued to ache me even after the MUA until I had two cortisone shots in my lower back.  Some of the stretching exercises seemed to make my pain worst at first.  I still had difficulty with pain upon rising from a chair or walking, especially walks over a quarter of a mile.  I might interject here that I have always been physically active even with pain.  I am used to walking 2-5 miles per day with my dogs and I am active with gardening and other things.  I am not one to give into pain.

Now, after the MUA and cortisone shots I am practically without pain.  My pain is 90% – 100% alleviated.  This is the first time in over 15 years that I am almost free or totally free of pain most days!  I have not had a single day in which pain has been a hindrance to anything I do.  My total body flexibility has greatly improved!!  Even both my knees are greatly improved, and I have hope that a knee replacement will not be necessary any time in the near or even far future.

I know it’s up to me to continue the stretching exercises and avoid activities that put too much stress on my lower back and knees.  I am trying to find other ways of doing certain things like lifting, and I am being more patient by waiting for help with chores that require a lot of bending and lifting.  All and all though, I found the MUA to be an effective treatment and I feel better now at 61 than I did at 45.


I am 32 years old and have spent the last 7 years I have been dealing with two badly compressed lower discs.  The pain has been excruciating and at times totally debilitating.  I started seeing Dr. Owens early this year, after years of unproductive doctor visits.  She offered me the option of MUA.  This procedure has been a total life changing experience.  The chronic attacks are gone and once again I am able to live my life without ever having to take pain pills!  I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has chronic debilitating back problems.  Thanks, Dr. Owens!


UA has been such a blessing.  I wish I had known about the MUA procedure yeas ago.  I have suffered for 10 years with “severe” chronic neck, shoulder, and low back pain.  I have been to numerous specialist over the years, had multiple procedures done and taken numerous medications, including prescribed narcotic medications.  I literally had hard painful knots along my shoulders.  No medication nor any procedure ever gave me relief from those terrible painful knots.  I had to undergo painful injections for my neck pain, received some relief but it was always temporary.  I must admit, I was very skeptical of another procedure, especially one I’d never heard of.  However, I decided I had nothing to lose.  And, this is the one that worked for me.

After the first MUA procedure, the knots were gone and have not returned.  I could not believe it.  The range of motion in my neck has greatly improved as well.  Since having the MUA procedure, my pain has decreased significantly.  I’m able to be more active and enjoy life again.

I consider myself blessed that I was directed to the care of Dr.  Pamela Owens by my pain Specialist, Dr. Kenneth Willeford, who was also a team member in my MUA procedures.

Thank you very much,


Then I needed the help of a chiropractic physician, I asked a friend if she knew who I should see for my back problem. She suggested her chiropractor Dr. Pamela Owens who she said was very good and likable. I had seen her advertising before so decided to give her a call. The visit was a pleasant experience. Her office staff was very friendly and professional as was Dr. Owens. I came home feeling so much better and after a few visits my back was back to normal. I will definitely recommend her to who ever needs a good chiropractic physician who wants to help her patients with a friendly face and a smile!!


I’m Thankful for the relief your treatments afforded me and for the professionalism,  compassion and personal attention you and your staff extended to me when l needed it most.

Thank You and Sincerely,

~William Canning